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    5 Reasons why girls wear Pink Dresses

    5 Reasons why girls wear Pink Dresses

    How many times have you walked into a nursery and able to tell if the kid was a boy or a girl based on the colour of their clothes? There is not difficult to differentiate between girls as there would be some shades of pink associated with them.So, do girls really like pink or it has been associated with them? Well, the truth is, a bit of both! Let us see how. By the age of 2, girls develop a preference for pink and boys start avoiding it altogether.

    Growing up preferences

    There is a chance that an infant who was surrounded by certain colors during infancy develop a preference for that color. Hence, it is likely that the kids are likely to be partial with these choices of colors as they grow up. So, if you like pink a lot, you must have worn a lot of pink or played with a lot of pink coloured toys growing up.

    Gender Stereotypes

    Children develop color preferences between the age of 2-3 and it is dependent on one’s understanding of the gender and the social norms associated with it. One starts going to kindergarten and discovered how kids like boyish things and girlish things.So, the preference of pink color could be as simple as the result of the things you kept around you or the company you kept.

    Marketing gimmick

    Barbie always had a red and green tea party set and not pink or white. But it was always available in pink like other products. Have you always wanted a green or blue dress but ended up getting a pink one? Ever wondered why? Most brands stuck with “pink for girls” and “blue for boys”. Today, not all girls like pink and not all boys like blue.

    Scientific explanation

    Since the pre-historic times, the role of the women was gathering food and berries which was the staple food of nature. The fruits especially berries were purplish or reddish in color. The color was associated with ripeness. Since then, women developed a sense of understanding the ripe fruit from the non-ripe ones. Also when expression emotion, women tend to blush and the cheeks become red. In addition, for long pink has been associated with the color of beauty and tenderness.

    Women are emotion reader

    It is believed that a woman should be able to understand when the child is sick and has a fever. The changes in the skin color can let you know what a person is feeling and help female read emotions better.Statistics show that pink is not a favorite color anymore. Men like pink 1% and women like 7% as their favorite color. For men it is underwhelming and for women, it is on par with other colors like yellow and orange. Interestingly, orange was favored by 3% of the women and 7% for men. Blue narrowly nudges purple which got 27% of the vote.As the times have changed, one has stuck with the changes and has a less forceful hold on the choices made. Today, men like pink just like girls if not more. Girls should have the freedom of choosing the colors they like and preferences.Bottomline here is, pink is just a color and it does not define who you are! 

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